Cash Control Platform ™

Flexible, economical platform that makes managing Smart Safes and issuing Advanced Credit a breeze!

Since one size does not fit all, the platform's cleverly-designed services are also available piecemeal to reuse or re-brand (white-label). What's not to like?

With millions in cash deposits under its belt thanks to its no-nonsense layered approach, Cash Control Platform ™ is the best-of-breed vendor-independent Smart Safe and Advanced Credit platform on the market. It enables:

  • Universal muti-vendor Smart Safe management
  • Remote cash deposits monitoring, historical deposits aggregation
  • Store, merchant, region and corporate-wide Accountant-friendly dashboard
  • Advanced Credit for previous day deposits
  • Fraud alerting
  • Safe Health and Network Monitoring

Safe Adapter Service

Safe Adapter services communicate with safes using each safe's proprietary protocol. Safe Adapters then present a vendor-agnostic universal API to each safe which greatly simplifies integration.

Key benefit of Safe Adapters: ease of vendor-independent scaling. With Safe Adapters you are free to change or combine various Smart Safe vendor models when more competitive models hit the market, and not be trapped in any one vendor solution.

Adapters for the following market-leading Smart Safes are currently available, with more to come:

You may need safe adapters if...
  • You want to jump-start development of a business application and save a lot of time.
  • You want to simplify the integration of smart safes into your system (days vs. months).
  • Your forte is web development and data mining, not wire-level protocols.
  • You want to in re-distribute adapters under your brand (white-label).

You may need the UI if...
  • You want a simple accounting tool.
  • You want a simple turn-key solution to watch all safe activities.
  • You want to jump-start development on another UI by modifying ours.
  • You want to re-distribute this UI under your brand (white-label).

Cashflow Analytics Dashboard UI Service

While executives or regional managers of a franchise need a consolidated cash-flow view of operations, it is necessary to restrict this visibility for a franchisee to only the stores he directly operates.
To this effect, the Dashboard UI enforces appropriate access controls and displays relevant information to smart safe operators.

In addition the UI also provides accountant-friendly analytics features to monitor and track deposits, with Excel support.

The web-based UI is friendly to both desktops and mobile devices.

Advanced Credit Service

The Advanced Credit Service automates the process of issuing advanced credit. It ensures the correct amount is deposited on the correct date in the correct bank account.

You may need the Advanced Credit Service if...
  • You are cash-in-transit operator or a bank.
  • You want to automate credit calculations to reduce labor costs and eliminate mistakes.
  • You want to jump-start development of a similar service by modifying ours.
  • You want to re-distribute this feature under your brand (white-label).

You may need the Fraud Watchdog Service if...
  • Your cash tends to land in the wrong pockets.
  • You want a fraud deterrent.
  • You want to jump-start development of a similar service by modifying ours.
  • You want to re-distribute this feature under your brand (white-label).

Fraud Watchdog Service

Although a Smart Safe significantly reduces theft, it does not eliminate it entirely: cash can still be stolen before it is deposited by unscrupulous employees or during a robbery.

The Fraud Watchdog addresses this loophole by monitoring the rate of cash deposits and alerting on it. This way cash loss is stopped on its tracks. Knowing the system exists also acts as a deterrent.

Integration Services

Whether you need to modify, integrate the entire platform or some of its services, we are here to help. We are integration experts who treat clients with care. And we're fast.

We can assist with any or all facets of integration, from project management to application and database coding, validation and deployment.

...and we wrote this platform so we are intimately familiar with its APIs. We can confidently integrate or modify it to suit your needs.

You may need Integration Services if...
  • You need to be up and running fast, time is of the essence.
  • Your are short on resources to do it all internally.
  • You are re-branding the platform and want to sub-contract integration.

Interested in the Cash Control Platform?

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What are Smart Safes? Smart Safes or Networked Safes are armored safes equipped with bill acceptors and a networked computer board. The acceptors validate bank notes deposited and the computer board immediately informs a remote server of the deposited amount.

What is Advanced Credit? Advanced Credit or Provisional Credit is the credit issued to a merchant account for cash deposited in a smart safe, even though the bank is not yet in physical possession of said cash.