Turnkey AI solutions

For turnkey solutions we take the following 3-phase approach:

1. AI Value assessment

  • We assess the value AI can bring to your organization
  • We identify your abilities to support AI systems
  • We characterize the value and quality of data available (your own as well as industry open data)

2. Engineering

  • We design an AI system to fit your needs and data
  • We build, tailor and tune your AI system for best accuracy
  • We then deliver your AI system

3. Support

  • We deliver documentation and train staff on using and managing your AI system
  • We ensure your AI system remains operational and effective under your or our care
  • We help you monitor accuracy and performance

Data Science Contracting

We can help your existing Data Science team with a variety of tasks. We are located on the US west coast and can work remotely.
Here are some of the technologies, among others, with which we are proficient:
  • Data wrangling
  • Hyperparameter tuning
  • Regularization
  • Bias/Variance characterization
  • Performance metrics
  • Tensorflow
  • Linear Algebra
  • Python, NumPy
  • R
  • Matlab
  • SQL, noSQL
  • Java, Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Spring Batch, Hibernate, JPA, Tomcat